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TMJ Dentist in Manalapan, NJ

TMJ Treatment Manalapan NJ

Are You Experiencing Jaw Pain or Soreness from TMJ?

Some people use the term TMJ specialist, despite the fact there is no specialty designation in dentistry for TMJ disorder treatment. A prosthodontist like Dr. James Courey and Dr. Joseph Zagami have the education and training to diagnose and produce effective TMJ treatments for Manalapan, NJ patients, as well as those in surrounding areas.

What Does TMJ Stand For?

"TMJ" stands for temporomandibular joint, and we have two, one on each side of the head connecting the upper and lower jaws together. This joint is complex, as it has both a hinge motion and sliding motions, and problems with TMJs can also be complex, potentially involving muscles, tendons, teeth, ligaments and/or nerves, in various combinations.

What Causes This Issue?

Temporomandibular joint disorders are often caused by the teeth not coming together properly in a comfortable rest position. They can also be caused by trauma to the joint. Because TMJ is such a complex dental problem, there are only a handful of dental offices offering TMJ treatments in NJ. However, Specialized Dentistry is proud to help our patients with TMJ.

Common Symptoms of TMJ

People affected by temporomandibular joint disorder may experience these common symptoms:

  • Pain in and around the ear
  • Popping or clicking noises when opening the mouth
  • Frequent headaches or neck soreness
  • Tenderness of the jaw

Sometimes, the source of your pain is easily diagnosed as a sinus infection, toothache, or the beginnings of periodontal disease. In other cases, our Prosthodontists may determine that you are experiencing TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder). When this is the case, further testing will be necessary to determine the cause and course of treatment.

common symptoms of tmj

TMJ Treatment Options

In some instances, the symptoms of TMJ can disappear on their own. But for the majority of people suffering from this painful, joint disorder, a course of treatment is necessary. Common treatments for TMJ can include medication, such as pain relievers and muscle relaxants, or can involve non-pharmaceutical treatments like physical therapy. Medical surgery is recommended in extreme cases.

Contact a TMJ Specialist

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