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Root Canal Therapy & Treatment

Has your dentist recommended root canal therapy? When your teeth are causing you severe pain, you're handed a root canal referral and you don't know where to start, the process of working your way toward a normal mouth again can seem overwhelming. Here at Specialized Dentistry of New Jersey (SDNJ), we're here to heal your pain, ease your mind and offer expert care.

Why Choose SDNJ for your Root Canal Procedure?

When you need a root canal procedure in New Jersey, there's no better place to turn than SDNJ. Voted one of the state's best dentists by New Jersey dentists themselves, we offer personalized, specialized care to patients just like you. Why trust us with your root canal procedure? Because we have the expertise, experience and professionals to ensure you receive the specialized care your teeth require.

Our staff at SDNJ includes a licensed endodontist, Dr. Kristen Blumberger, who specializes in treatment and conditions of the dental pulp. You need nothing less than the best endodontist to treat your mouth and perform your root canal procedure, and SDNJ offers you that unique degree of care and expert attention for your root canal. Schedule an appointment with our endodontist to learn more about your options today.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is your best option to repair an infected or damaged tooth before it affects the surrounding gums. Tooth afflictions that require this kind of procedure can travel into the root of the tooth and spread to the dental pulp chamber, a soft area containing nerve and tissue in the center of the tooth. During the root canal procedure, the dental pulp - along with the infection - is removed from the tooth to prevent further decay.

Why Do I Need a Root Canal Dentist?

When you suffer damage to the dental pulp of your tooth, it begins to break down the chamber, which invites bacteria to multiply within the dental pulp. This bacteria, in turn, can infect and break down the tooth itself, causing infection or even an abscessed tooth - which can lead to further complications down the road.

To prevent the loss of the tooth, infection of the gums and other issues, a root canal surgery is the safest, least painful option. Plus, saving your tooth with a root canal restores your confidence by letting you chew and bite comfortably again without any change in appearance.

What Is the Root Canal Process?

When you come to our SDNJ endodontist for your root canal procedure, there's nothing to be nervous about! We will safely, carefully and attentively remove your dental pulp infection with the following steps:

  1. First, the endodontist will use a needle to administer localized anesthesia for comfort throughout the procedure. She might also use a dental dam to keep your tooth area clean and dry.
  2. Using very small tools, your dentist will make an opening in the top area of your tooth and file away the infection or damaged pulp from inside the tooth. She will remove the dental pulp, file the inside of the tooth to keep it clean, rinse the area with water to wash it out and insert an anti-microbial solution to kill any bacteria remaining from the infection.
  3. When the inner chamber of your tooth is clean, dry and infection-free, your endodontist will fill and close the tooth with a temporary filling.
  4. A few weeks following your root canal procedure, your dentist will complete the process with a permanent crown.

Contact SDNJ for Root Canal Treatment in New Jersey

When you want to smile, speak, eat and enjoy life again without the pain of a damaged tooth, trust SDNJ for an expert root canal procedure from our specialized endodontist. Call us today at 732-410-7101 or contact us online to learn more.