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Teeth In A Day

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Teeth in a Day Implants in Manalapan & Englishtown

Those dentures that slip around in your mouth and keep you from eating certain foods could be gone in one day and replaced with a beautiful set of natural looking teeth that allow you to comfortably eat whatever you like. If the fear of living with a hole in your smile is keeping you from replacing a broken or failing tooth, the solution is here.

At Specialized Dentistry of New Jersey, we will use our specialized surgical training and gentle touch to place implants to restore your smile in one day. We are the prosthodontists that dentists trust with their implant restoration work, and we can make you smile again, too.

Same Day Dental Implant Procedure

The procedure for placing dental implants involves three steps: removing the failing tooth, installing a solid foundation and putting on the crown. A same day implant bridge uses this same procedure — only there are two anchors implanted, one at each end, and the crown covers those and spans the space in between.

Dental implants are a specialized form of dentistry that requires extra training. Only a prosthodontist can properly install dental implants, and you want an experienced specialist to provide one-day service. When done right, dental implants look and function like natural teeth and can last a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth in a Day Implant Treatment

It can be hard to imagine that your smile can be restored in just one day. Here’s what new patients want to know:

1. How can you place dental implants in one day?

Dental implants get their strength from the integration of the foundation in the bone tissue. Where there is solid, healthy bone, an implant can be anchored and crowned in one day. If there is some bone loss, the anchors can often be placed in such a way as to tie into the solid areas of bone and not rely on weaker bone. This procedure saves time waiting for bone to heal.

2. Can anyone get a same day dental implant bridge?

There are different techniques we can use to ensure a solid implant in most patients and complete the procedure in one day. If there is more than one tooth missing or failing, a dental bridge can be installed. Where there is some bone loss, we can usually use the stronger surrounding bone to accomplish a solid implant. Perhaps the only situation that would prevent a one-day dental implant is an active infection. If we were unable to clear out the infected tissue, a course of antibiotics might be needed, and that would take a week or ten days.

3. Will people think I am wearing dentures?

Dental implants blend in with your natural teeth. When you get teeth in a day implant treatment, you leave the office looking like yourself. There is no wait time with missing teeth that can be embarrassing. No one will even know you had dental work done, except you will be smiling wider and feeling a bit more confident with your new implants.

Yes, same day dental implants are possible and at SDNJ, they happen every day.

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