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Gum Recontouring or Gum Lift

Manalapan Cosmetic Dentistry

Can You Benefit From Gum Recontouring?

Your smile-line is a combination of the shape and alignment of your teeth and the relationship of your teeth with your gum tissue. For many people a full smile with bright white teeth is not possible. They show small teeth with a lot of red gums.

They frequently think that they have short teeth or that their gums have grown over their teeth. In their own minds, they see their smile as a “gummy smile” and don’t know that something can be done to give them a fuller, more cosmetically pleasing smile.

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Benefits of Using a Laser vs. Scalpel

In our dental practice, an asymmetrical or gummy smile-line can be corrected with gum contouring through the use of a laser. This is a different approach than one used by traditional gum contouring dentists in New Jersey who typically use a scalpel method. Using a laser requires specialized schooling and holds the following benefits:

  • Lowered chance of infection – Because the laser kills bacteria while sealing the gums, there is less chance of infection through laser gum contouring.
  • No cutting, bleeding, or sutures - The laser simply vaporizes and seals the extra gum tissue with no cutting, bleeding or sutures.
  • Short recovery time – Because the mouth doesn’t require as much healing from cuts and sutures, most people can resume their normal activities the same day.

With lowered chance of infection and reduced bleeding and cutting, the results are healthy, natural looking gums and a brand new smile!

What To Expect At Your First Appointment

After scheduling an appointment, you will be meeting with our gum recontouring dentist at our Manalapan, NJ dental office to discuss the functional and aesthetic desires you have for your smile. Dr. Samantha Aaron will perform a comprehensive examination and diagnostic procedures to determine the reason(s) for your gummy smile.

Because gum contouring is a conservative option—the procedure takes one visit! Patients tend to experience minimal discomfort throughout the whole procedure and experience the added benefit of no bleeding.

Gum Recontouring for an Uneven Gum Line

Even healthy teeth that are straight and white can cause your smile-line to become distorted if your gum line is uneven. Our gum recontouring dentist in Manalapan, NJ is highly trained and specialized in fixing this problem.

Whether it be making smaller teeth larger or larger teeth smaller, gum contouring can restore the proportion of your smile-line. This is done by gently recontouring your gum line with a premier-technology laser designed for precision and to be minimally invasive.

Increasing Dental Function with Crown Lengthening

There are certain cases where gum contouring may be used in conjunction with other dental procedures like crown lengthening to achieve a patients desired smile. In cases that require a more significant change, cosmetic gum recontouring may be combined with placement of porcelain veneers, crowns, or orthodontic treatment to meet a patient’s cosmetic needs.

Scheduling an Appointment with a Specialist

There are many cosmetic dental options to improve the functionality of a patients mouth while also fixing the appearance of a gummy smile. To find out how your gummy smile can be improved, discuss gum recontouring in with our Manalapan, NJ dentist by scheduling your consultation today.

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