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Endodontist in New Jersey

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Our teeth are one of our most important and noticeable features. They're among the first things others see when we meet them, the tools we use to enjoy our favorite foods and enunciate our words, and the stars of our smiles and laughter. Whether we're chowing down on corn on the cob, charming a potential partner or singing our kids to sleep, our teeth play a vital role in various aspects of our lives.

While we're living, laughing, eating and enjoying, however, we can expose our teeth to stresses and wear them down over time. Clenching our teeth, chewing on hard objects while we concentrate, exposing ourselves to high-impact situations or having one too many hard snacks can lead to cracked teeth - which can make our daily lives unnecessarily painful. Time and circumstances can also lead to other dental issues like abscessed teeth or infections.

No one wants a painful smile and that's why seeing an endodontist is so important. With specialized treatment and expert care, endodontic therapy can take away your tooth problems so you can eat, laugh and live to the fullest again.

Why Use Specialized Dentistry for Your Endodontist Needs?

When you're dealing with a cracked or infected tooth or another painful dental situation, you need more than standard dental care to solve your problem and restore your smile. Here at Specialized Dentistry of New Jersey (SDNJ), we have the resources and endodontic specialists to deal with your specialized tooth needs. Voted one of the state's top dentists by other New Jersey practitioners, our office and endodontist are all about providing the attentive, in-depth dental care you need. Contact us online today for all your endodontic needs.

What Is an Endodontic Specialist?

Certified in studying and treating conditions relating to dental damage and the dental pulp - as well as diagnosing tooth pain - an endodontist is the kind of specialized dentist you need to see when you're suffering from a painful condition like a cracked tooth or infected dental pulp. Your regular dentist may be able to diagnose your tooth issue and recommend you see an endodontist for treatment, or - if you are experiencing tooth pain and don't know why - you may need to seek an appointment with an endodontist on your own. At SDNJ, Dr. Kristen Blumberger is the specialist we trust with saving your smile.

Common Services That Require an Endodontist in New Jersey

Whether you know the root cause of your tooth pain or you need a diagnosis, endodontists specialize in root canal treatment - the removal of the dental pulp and subsequent filling to save a damaged tooth. While root canal is a highly successful procedure that can preserve a damaged tooth for the rest of your life, sometimes the tooth may not heal properly after treatment. In this case, you may need endodontic retreatment - a follow-up procedure that will correct the condition. SDNJ can diagnose, offer root canals and perform endodontic retreatment therapy for these tooth conditions:

  • Fractured cusps of the teeth
  • Split teeth
  • Vertical root fractures at the bottom and up into the tooth
  • Abscessed or decaying teeth
  • Dental pulp infections
  • Complications after an unsuccessful root canal elsewhere

Contact SDNJ for Endodontic Therapy Today

When you need endodontic care, SDNJ is here to relieve your pain, revive your peace of mind and restore your teeth to normal - so you can keep smiling for the rest of your life. Contact us online today or call 732-410-7101 to learn more about endodontic treatment.