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Patient Testimonials

Hear the dental testimonials for Manalapan, NJ dentist, Dr. James Courey, and what his actual patients are saying about their care in our office! If you would like to learn more about any of our services please contact Dr. Courey and his team, we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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Veneers: Stephanie was referred to Specialized Dentistry of New Jersey to correct bad cosmetic work.

New Crowns and Bridges: Angela suffered from chronic jaw pain caused by ill-fitting dental restorations provided by another dentist.

Dental Implant and Crown: Missing front tooth.

Implant-Supported Dentures: Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Implant-Supported Dentures: Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Gum Recontouring: Rachel suffered from a gummy smile.

Dental Implant and Crown: Jeff had a knocked out front tooth

Dental Implants, Crowns and Bridges: Full Mouth Rehabilitation.

Porcelain Veneers: Chris talks about his experience with Cosmetic Dental Enhancements

Implants, Bridges, & Crowns: Stella came to Dr. Courey after failed restoration elsewhere

Dental Implants, Bridges and Crowns: Antonio has been an SDNJ patient since 2004

Dental Implants and Crowns: Juliana was referred by a co-worker and received implants & crowns

“My situation was dire, and I was abused as a child by my first dentist. Growing up I had to (out of absolute necessity) to visit other dentists and I felt berated and looked upon in disgust by other dentists and staff throughout my 20s and 30s.

Fast forward to age of 41, and my bottom bridge fell off and was held in place by gravity. I couldn’t talk, eat, nor enter any public space without wearing a mask.

I entered the office and I was welcomed without judgment and dignity. They assured me that this is the last stop for patients with dental problems like mine. And proceeded to make me feel confident.

I had to visit my in laws for the first time ever in Across the country and my lower bridge fell out 3 weeks prior and was held in only by gravity. If I said the wrong vowel, ate food, went to sleep my 5 tooth bridge would fall out.

Dr. Diaz, Shannon, and Chrissy made me feel like Royalty. There would be little distinction between my treatment and the President of the United States. They fixed my problem within two weeks and more importantly feel confident with a perfect smile. I cannot thank them enough and receive my highest praise. New comers please feel at ease coming here. They treat people how they expect to be treated which is rare now-a-days."


“Visited for Zoom teeth whitening. Had such a wonderful experience with Adrianna - she was so sweet and very thorough. It was such a relaxing treatment and my teeth came out sparkling white! I was even able to get trays made to be able to do teeth whitening touch ups at home once needed. Highly recommend."


“I'd like to take the time to acknowledge the Specialized Dentistry Group of New Jersey, headed up by Dr. James Courey, DDS, located in Manalapan, New Jersey. I found this group to be professional, knowledgeable and courteous often anticipating my comfort throughout my many appointments.

I'd like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the front office managers and assistant's to Dr. Courey, that somehow, make it all happen. They are: Chrissy, Dawn, Christina and Karen in addition to the many unsung hero's behind the scene.

Dr. James Courey, DDS who deserves my sincere thanks and gratitude for his professional knowledge and execution of what turned out to be a great success. Thank you! you are indeed a credit to the dental industry."


“Great and talented Dr.COUREY! Doesn’t let me leave my chair until the work in my teeth are perfect! Pleased w/all his assistance Christina and Karen are all hard working and kind to the patient! The front desk Chrissy and Dorn are very organize and willing to please the patient with appointments and Dr. Courey."


I just moved to Manalapan. This was my first appointment with Specialized and I have to say that it was a very pleasant visit. I was greeted by Chrissy and that was a great start as she made me feel at home immediately. She was very helpful and provided me with all the necessary information that I needed as their patient.. After I left my first appointment I did not feel that I was a new patient but a patient that was long standing with them."

I was assigned to Ariana as my Hygienist. I have to say the examination she game me was so thorough and informative that she made it very easy and relaxing appointment. In all my years I never had an exam as she performed on me today. She pointed out a number of ways I could help maintain a healthy dental life. She also made me feel like a long time patient instead of a new patient. I hope she will continue to be my Hygienist from this point on.

I met Dr Diaz and he was very gracious and friendly and I am looking forward in maintaining a good relationship with him and the staff.

I believe that Chrissy, Ariana, and Dr Diaz are great assets to the Specialized family and I am very happy that I chose them for my dental health.


“Wonderful! I took my daughter here for her TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction). From the minute we walked in, the front desk woman, Chrissy was so welcoming - already putting my daughter at ease. While we were filling out the paperwork, Chrissy provided us with water and offered snacks! She was quite entertaining and very social. A great personality for the front desk! Then Shannon assisted us and she was as equally pleasant as Chrissy. Dr. Diaz's consultation lasted for over 40 minutes. He was so thorough as he explained the difference between TMJ and TMD. He took time to answer all of our questions and my daughter is actually returning there to have the proper mouth guard made. He also took the time to explains some exercises and stretches that can help relieve some of the tension that she experiences. Overall, I would give this practice an A++ and I highly recommend them to anyone!"


“I'm a 68 year old woman, and no stranger to the dentist's office. In recent years I have been experiencing, what I call faulty dentistry with two different dentists. I had two failures with upper crown's. I've been suffering from jaw pain (TMJ), biting lips, cheeks inside my mouth, restless sleep, neck and back of the head pain upon waking in the morning. I did complain numerous times to my previous dentist who did do some shaping, but made it worse.

After having two night guards made, which failed. I was at wit's end as to how I was going to get relief. So I resorted to calling Angie's list, because I heard some good things about the service. The representative gave me the names of three dentists. I chose Dr. Courey after reviewing his website and credentials.

Frankly, I wish I would had been given the gift of Dr. Courey, when I was in my 40's. I called his office and explained my problem, and was given time, patience and courtesy by his office team. I was told I would need about an hour for a consultation with the doctor (at a fair price, might I add).

I walked into his office and found a pleasant atmosphere and a friendly staff, who made me feel like they really cared. Dr Courey listened very carefully to my complaints, noted the history, and gave me the most comprehensive exam ever. He did validate that my bite was incorrect. I later had a follow-up visit to review what his findings were, and he explained his methodical plan. He went over what the proper treatment would be to rectify my issues, the time it would take to complete, and a courtesy discount as a senior, which was much appreciated.

Within a short time he made a lower crown bridge, and I began to feel less jaw pain. I was sleeping better and feeling relief.

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't feel gratitude in my heart, and do send him blessings for the person he is, and for his expertise in dentistry.

In all the years of my dental health care, I have never had a more conscientious, caring, compassionate dentist like Dr. Courey.

I'm Hooked!! Awesome practice!!”


“I did my Angie’s List research, for Dentists in my area and found, Dr. Courey DDS. It only took ONE call to get a visit on that same day. The Staff was ready and waiting for me upon my arrival, with a nice greeting and assurances that I would be seen really soon. The procedure to prepare me for the reconnection of the cap was done by a very competent Dental Technician. When the tooth & I were ready, Dr. Courey came in, to finish the procedure. Everything…including the billing, was explained in great detail, and done in a very professional manner. At the end of the procedure I was welcomed as a new patient to the practice, and asked, if there was any thing else they could do for me?” The Angie’s List recommendation for this practice included a coupon for discounted future services. I asked for a future appointment, had another successful visit within a few days, and got to use the coupon. Dr. Courey serves as an example for many other Dental Practices to aspire to.”


“This response might sound like a paid endorsement, but it is not. I have never in my 50 plus years had an experience at a dentist office that would have elicited this response. I would never before taken the time to respond to inquiries about the service that I received.

I Truly believe that Dr. Courey has created an atmosphere in his office that is second to none. Every staff member shows sincere interest in each patient. The ‘charside’ manner is above reproach, the office is clean and organized. The cost of the procedure was very fair. Oh, , yes, the procedure. I needed a crown. A few visits were required to complete the process. And everytime I came to the office they exceeded my expectations. Without any hesitation I recommend Dr. Courey. He and his staff receive my personal ultimate platinum diamond stamp of approval!”


“…other dentist told me my only option was dentures…until Dr. Courey. He gave me a beautiful smile that looks and feels like my own!”

Marsha, Manalapan, New Jersey

“My whole life I was self conscious about the spaces between my teeth. Before going away to college, Dr. Courey fixed my smile with porcelain veneers. For the first time in my life people tell me that I have a beautiful smile. Thanks, Dr. Courey!”

Cindy, Old Bridge, New Jersey

“I had such a toothache on a Sunday, I called Dr. Courey on his cell phone and he met me at his office in a half hour. He treated my emergency on a Sunday! I was so impressed with his eagerness to help me with quality dental care.”

Vince, Freehold, New Jersey

“I had never heard of a prosthodontist until a friends referred me to the Manalapan, NJ dental office of Dr. James Courey. After overcoming my struggling with eating disorders, I was ready to reward myself by restoring my smile that was destroyed by years of purging. Other dentists made me feel ashamed of the condition of my teeth, but Dr. Courey and his team actually congratulated me on overcoming my illness. He explained to me the various technologies and treatment that he would utilize to give me the smile I wanted, like implants, crowns, and veneers. My new smile has given me a new found confidence that I look good. My mother cried when she saw my teeth because Dr. Courey’s dentistry erased the remaining visible reminder of my anorexia.”

Linda, Philadelphia, PA

“There was a time that my teeth were so ugly that I never smiled. As a child I didn’t have good dental care. The dentist overfilled my teeth with silver amalgam. By my 25th birthday, I already had several permanent teeth pulled.

In 2003, I was referred to Dr. Courey for a complete “smile makeover”. Even though I had significant bone loss because of all my missing teeth, Dr. Courey came up with a treatment plan that allowed me to have bone grafting done so dental implants were successful in replacing the teeth that were pulled years ago. I now have beautiful new implants, bridges, crowns and veneers; basically a new smile. My teeth are not ugly anymore. I love to smile and do so very often!”

Louis, North Brunswick, NJ

“I would like to express my deep appreciation for your superb prosthetic dental work during the past year of the restoration of most of my teeth and rebuilding my bite. In addition to your professionalism and clinical skill, during each visit you made me feel that I was not just another dental appointment in your book, but always your most important patient. In all my 60 years of extensive dental work, I never experiences a more pleasant and friendly dentist. I would like to highlight two specific things that I noticed during my treatments. First, you are great at giving shots of local anesthetics – unbelievably painless. I had always dreaded the gum injections as the very worst part of any dental work, but not if you are giving the shots. Your injection technique is a most welcomed relief! Secondly, at 70 years old, you and I discussed whether the time, work and expense involved in my treatment plan was practical. With your clear explanation of the benefits to me including the enhancement of my quality of life, I moved forward. I am so happy with my results. If I had known how great my new dentistry would make me feel, I would have done it years ago.”

Stuart, Queens, New York

“My general dentist recommended that I see Dr. Courey because I wanted cosmetic dental veneers and had some special issues with my teeth. When I asked my dentist to tell me about Dr. Courey’s qualifications he told me that when dentists need a dental treatment, Dr. James Courey is the person they go to. He was right, Dr. Courey is not just a great dentist. He is a super nice guy. All my friends and family are now his patients too!”

Christin, Marlboro, New Jersey

I’m a 77-year-old man whose dental health is only fair-to-middling. I have been a patient of Dr. Courey’s for about six years, during which he has diligently attended to me, first making up for some years of neglect on my part, stabilizing my dentition, and devotedly watching over it ever since. He and his staff are not only professional and up-to-date, but during the time he has been my dentist he has been honored in three issues of New Jersey magazine as one of our state’s outstanding dentists and prosthodontists. Since he and his staff are young and vigorous, I expect that to continue in the future. Their attention to administrative details such as appointments and insurance is outstanding and they are, without fail, friendly and conscientious.


“They always have an immediate answer for me when I call with a question. They would never try to get me to make an appointment unless I really needed one. They were so nice and professional and even called me to remind me about my upcoming appointment. It was nice of them to offer some sample toothbrushes and toothpaste for me to take home. The dentist and staff were so friendly and accommodating. I have never felt more welcome at a dental appointment! I didn’t have to wait at all after I arrived for my appointment. They were running right on time, which is a really big deal for me. His office provides consistent and excellent care.”