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Dental Scaling & Root Planing

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What is Dental Scaling?

Dental scaling, sometimes referred to as root planing, is the removal of plaque and tartar from the gumlines. It's a common, noninvasive procedure for people suffering from periodontal disease and other gum infections. Additionally, this procedure is ideal as a preventive routine against gum disease and is usually carried out every six months by a professional periodontist.

If you believe you could benefit from dental scaling, request an appointment with a periodontist at Specialized Dentistry of New Jersey. Our specialists can help you learn more about how to address your specific condition.

Why You Need Dental Scaling

Whether you clean your teeth regularly or not, your mouth is a haven for bacteria and other food particles. The accumulation of bacteria in the mouth over time always results in the formation of colorless plaque and tartar.

The bacteria that live in the plaque can cause gum disease and other mouth infections. If left unabated, it can cause serious oral problems including periodontitis and gingivitis. One of the most effective ways of removing this plaque and tartar from your teeth and gums is through dental scaling.

Scaling teeth also prevents the re-emergence of gum disease and protects your teeth from common oral infections. This procedure will not only remove plaque from your mouth, but also polishes and removes stains from the surface of the tooth. It's advisable that you visit your dentist at least once every six months for professional dental deep cleaning.

Dental Scaling & Root Planing at SDNJ

Dental scaling is a form of deep cleaning that involves the use of manual handheld and ultrasonic instruments to remove plaque buildup from your teeth. Scaling teeth starts with regular brushing and flossing followed by the removal of plaque below the gumlines using either manual handheld or ultrasonic instruments.

For manual cleaning, one of our skilled dentists will use a scaler and a curette to reach areas your toothbrush cannot access. They will then remove plaque and other stains from the gumlines. Our professional periodontists use advanced ultrasonic instruments that involve the use of a vibrating metal tip and cool water spray to remove tartar.

Root planing is an advanced form of dental scaling during which an SDNJ dentist will remove any bacteria buildup by smoothing out the roots of your teeth. The main reason for root planing is to reattach the roots to the gums.

Is it Painful?

Dental scaling is not painful at all. You'll only feel a little scraping during the procedure. However, the health of your gums might play a role in determining the level of discomfort. People suffering from chronic gum disease may feel pain during the procedure and local anesthesia might be needed.

How Long does the Procedure Take?

The dental scaling procedure might require more than one visit to our office, depending on the gum disease treatment required. During each session, our periodontist will address a different section of your mouth until the whole area is thoroughly cleansed.

What are the Benefits of Dental Scaling?

Dental scaling has numerous benefits. These include:

  • Highly effective in gum disease treatment
  • Prevents tooth loss by reattaching the teeth properly to the gums
  • Wards off tooth decay and cavities
  • Eliminates bad breath caused by gum disease
  • Stops the spread of periodontal diseases

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Apart from treating gum disease, dental scaling can also help prevent some oral infections. For these reasons, undergoing this procedure should be part of your annual dental routines. If you're looking for a reputable periodontist in Manalapan or Englishtown with vast experience in dental scaling, request an appointment with Dr. Samantha Aaron of SDNJ now.