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Why Does My Partner Snore and How Can I Help Them Stop?

Monday, August 28, 2017

Why Does My Partner Snore and How Can I Make Them Stop?

Snoring is a common bedtime nuisance in many households. However, it may have serious ramifications that could lead to strained relationships. Imagine having to put up with a snoring partner every night. This can be inconvenient to even the toughest of individuals.

Nonetheless, you ought to understand that snoring is more than just a normal bedtime occurrence. It is a sign of serious underlying health issues. Helping your partner overcome his or her snoring problem is the first step towards finding a lasting solution to your sleepless nights.

Handling a snoring partner is not an easy task. It comes with numerous challenges. Many couples opt to sleep in separate rooms, but this does not do away with your partner’s snoring problem. Having a good understanding of what causes snoring can help couples build healthy relations, despite snoring problems.

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring occurs when the nasal passages and breathing airways are blocked. Anything that leads to the blockage of airways leads to snoring. Here are a few common causes of snoring:

- Excessive weight

- Consumption of alcohol close to bedtime

- Poor sleeping postures

- Depression

- Disorders such as asthma

How Can I Make My Husband or Wife Stop Snoring?

You love your partner, but you cannot stand the earth-shaking snoring that characterizes your nights. Your partner’s snoring keeps waking you up every time you fall into a deep sleep. The best way to show love to your partner is to help them stop snoring.

If you’re wondering what treatment options there are for snoring, here are a few tips on how to stop the snoring:

- Acquire nasal strips – This works best for people whose cause of snoring is blocked nasal passages.

- Change sleeping position – Helping your partner sleep on his or her side rather than their back can reduce the chances of snoring.

- Make drastic lifestyle changes – Losing weight and avoiding substances such as tobacco, caffeine and alcohol hours before sleeping can help get rid of snoring.

- Try snore guards and mouthpieces – You can use snore guards and mouth appliances to prevent snoring.

- Seek medical help – Consult a professional doctor for proper diagnosis. As mentioned earlier, snoring could be a sign of more serious health problems.

- Sleep in separate beds – If you have tried everything and nothing seems to work, consider sleeping in separate rooms to save your relationship.

It is important to consult a doctor for a diagnosis. A sleep test will determine if your partner has underlying health issues or is suffering from other sleep disorders. If you are looking for a professional doctor who can help your partner stop snoring, consider contacting Dr. James Courey of Specialized Dentistry of New Jersey by calling (732) 410-7101 today.

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