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What type of dentist is a Prosthodontist?

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Do you want to improve your smile?

The concepts and rules dictating thedevelopment of a pleasing smile were determined by prosthodontists almost acentury ago in order to make dentures appear more natural. Prosthodontists, likeDr. Courey and Dr. Zagami learn these concepts by reviewing the literature inseminars and treating patients during their training programs. Although thereare many references to “cosmetic dentists” in commercially published materials,the American Dental Association does not recognize “cosmetic dentists” as aspecialty.

Prosthodontists receive extensivetraining in veneers, crowns/caps, bridges, TMJ issues and the correction ofesthetic imbalances of a smile. Doesn’t your smile deserve a specialist’s care?

Do you wear dentures?

When dealing with extensive decayand/or periodontal (gum) disease, many people must resort to dentures toreplace their natural teeth. Over time, the jawbone shrinks, and successfullywearing dentures becomes more and more of a challenge. Using skills andtechniques based on research and experience, a prosthodontist possesses theability to provide the best possible custom-fitted dentures. Yourprosthodontist may recommend dental implants to stabilize the denture andprevent your jawbone from excessive shrinking.

Are you missing one or more teeth?

If you are missing one or moreteeth, you should consult a prosthodontist. Depending on the number of missingteeth, the condition of the remaining teeth and the patient’s age, motivationand desire, teeth may be replaced by implant-supported crowns/bridges,conventional fixed bridges or removable partial dentures – only a specialistknows for sure.

Are you interested in dental implants?

In the past two decades the use ofdental implants has progressed from the extreme to the conservative. Initiallythe implants developed in Sweden by Dr. Brånemark years ago were used inpatients missing all of their teeth. Now the same principles are applied toreplacement of a single tooth, multiple teeth or an entire arch of teeth withthe same high degree of success. Depending on the condition of your mouth andyour desires, a prosthodontist can recommend the type of treatment right foryou.

Many prosthodontists now provideimplant placement surgery as a routine aspect of patient care. In many cases,prosthodontists are the ideal specialist to provide the dental implant surgeryas well as the restoration. The success of the restoration depends on theimplant placement, and the prosthodontist is the one member of the dental teamwho recognizes where the implant should be placed to ensure a satisfactoryresult.


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