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What are the best tooth whitening options?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Teeth whitening continues to be performed more often than any other Monmouth County, NJ cosmetic dentistry procedure – and with good reason. Expertly done, it can quickly and effectively remove the highly visible and unsightly stains and discoloration that often result from years of smoking and consuming foods and beverages (from coffee and red wine to beets and soy sauce) that turn "pearly whites" into unattractive tarnished teeth.

There are countless whitening products on the market, many of them making dubious claims and promises and delivering unsatisfactory results. For example, white strips frequently produce blotchy results.

We believe that in-office cosmetic dentist whitening is the surest, most effective procedure and is much more likely to give patients results they can smile about.

When you attempt whitening at home with over-the-counter bleaching kits, you can"t control the delivery of the bleaching agent. It isn't precise. And it's not all staying on your teeth. Some of it is going into your saliva and you're ingesting it. Also people have a tendency to use more of the bleaching substance because they think (erroneously) that the more you use, the faster the process and the whiter the teeth.

In the in-office bleaching procedure, with the use of a rubber dam for isolation of the teeth, nothing is ingested. It is a completely controlled environment with the oral soft tissues protected and the bleaching agent applied directly to the appropriate surfaces of the teeth – and only on the teeth — and for the proper amount of time.

Having the procedure performed by Manalapan Prosthodontist, Dr. James Courey, or at home under his supervision, is much more likely to noticeably whiten – not just lighten – your teeth.  As the Journal of the American Dental Association recently reported, "The in-office technique, which is used to increase the efficiency of bleaching agents, carries a guarantee of safety, efficacy and rapidity."

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