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Tooth loss, and related bone loss, can age your smile

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Did you know that a 200-pound man with full mouth dentures has less chewing force than his 90-year-old grandmother with her own teeth! There is no substitute for your own natural teeth and healthy gums. Once you lose your teeth, they’re gone for good. Once your bone erodes as a result of gum disease or tooth loss, it’s gone for good! Tooth loss, and related bone loss, can age your smile and interfere with speaking, chewing and your attractive appearance. As you prepare for your retirement years, take advantage of our incredible “Smile Plan”! Keep your smile young and improve your health!  A healthy smile doesn’t happen by accident. We can help you prevent tooth and bone loss!

“Plan” to Have a Great Smile in Your Golden Years!

Fast forward for a moment... If you’re wearing a partial or full denture that you just can’t get used to…if outdated restorations or missing teeth make it hard to speak clearly or smile confidently…when gum disease causes chronic bad breath…and when painful chewing takes the joy out of eating…are you really going to get  the most out of your retirement years ? ! ! Whether you see yourself embarking on romantic cruises, doing volunteer work, or entertaining grandchildren— your golden years will be more enjoyable without embarrassing or debilitating dental problems !


Start NOW and SAVE Big!!

Our state-of-the-art “Smile Plan” is designed to optimize your oral and overall health. It’s been proven that you can save thousands of dollars in dental and health care costs just by taking care of your teeth and gums!

In a recent study of 4,285 middle-aged patients, those with disease-free gums had LOWER “annual healthcare costs” and “fewer hospitalizations” compared to those with severe periodontitis. Surely you can think of better ways to spend your time and money during retirement than on preventable health complications and hospitalizations linked to dental neglect. If you haven’t had a dental exam within the last six months, it’s been too long!   Make your appointment today! !

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