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Prosthodontists give Radio host her smile back

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Radio Host Opens Up About Health Threat In Way Few Would Dare To Share

You know the voice. The "Midday Maven," "Queen of the 4-1-1," "Goddess of Gossip," the "Hostess with the Mostest," Patty Jackson is not just in Philadelphia on WDAS-FM. She"s also heard in 16 other markets around the country.

All who meet the disc jockey can"t forget her smile. It screams Hollywood, just like the countless stars who flock to her microphone.

Now, the disc jockey with the golden locks, luscious lashes, and glamour nails, finds herself at a major crossroad.

Jackson said her teeth first started shifting when she was pregnant. That was 12 years ago. No big deal. She got herself a full set of veneers and kept on smiling.

"When I got those veneers, I was steppin' high and I wouldn't go to the dentist," she said, before calling that "the dumbest thing I could have ever done."

Here's how it happened. Behind those dazzling veneers, a river of rot began flowing. Severe gum disease, festering for years, started swelling, smelling and spreading out of control.

It got bad enough to affect her speech on the radio and her appearance in public, her bread and butter. Still, she kept to her tight schedule, until…

"I did an event with Jill Scott, whose mom was in dentistry, and she told everyone to leave the room, "We need to talk.""

"She said, Stop!" You have gum disease and it leads to your heart and you have a son and you're taking care of your mom she said Patty what happens if something happens to you?"

The ultimate wake-up call sent her running to the dentist.

A dozen or more teeth were already gone, and there were more to go. On X-ray, we could see how saving teeth was not a priority. The doctor had to stop the rampant infection from spreading to vital organs that can cause chronic diseases, such as diabetes, stroke, heart attack and death.

Pour in the antibiotics and heal the gums first. Then, more dental surgery. It will take many more painful, frustrating months – that were likely preventable.

But her journey is far from over.  Her dentist sent Patty to collegues of Dr. Courey's, fellow Prosthodontic specialists, Dr. Thomas Balshi and Dr. Glenn Wolfinger,  to see if she's a candidate for the fix of the rich and famous, super-sophisticated, high-tech "Teeth of the Stars."

She chose to move forward with carefully planned oral surgery and complex dental restorations that would save her health, her career and hopefully inspire you to take charge of yours.


If you are struggling with tooth loss due to gum disease, or traumatic accident, be sure to choose a prosthodontist like Dr. James Courey or Dr. Joseph Zagami, in Manalapan NJ.
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