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Mouthguards Are Vital!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Medical research indicates that one in four people will suffer a mouth injury during their lifetime. Sports, like those played in most high schools--hockey, soccer, volleyball, and basketball account for many of these injuries.

Since wearing a mouthguard can prevent many dental injuries, we recommend them for athletes, both professional or amateur, children and adults. Mouthguards dissipate the hard impact of a sharp blow or collision over the entire mouth and jaw, stopping teeth from breaking and from cutting through gums or lips. A mouthguard can even reduce the risk of concussion or neck injury. We can custom design and fit a mouthguard for you or your kids that won’t interfere with speech or breathing.

We do not recommend store-bought mouthguards! They often result in a poorly fitted and uncomfortable mouth “protector” that can interfere with speaking and breathing. In addition, boiling and molding the store bought versions dramatically decreases the mouthguard’s thickness, protection, and effectiveness.

With proper home care, regular visits to our office, and mouthguard protection, you’ll be flashing those pearly whites every season!

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