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Making The Best Fitting Dentures In Manalapan, NJ

Tuesday, August 29, 2017
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Most people think there is only one kind of dentures. In fact, there are many kinds made from a variety of materials.  To decide which is right for you, there is a lot to consider.

Types of Dentures

Here is a review of some of the different kinds of dentures.  The general types are traditional/full, partial, custom, immediate, snap-in, overdentures, upper, and economy. What are the differences?

  • Traditional/Full: A full set replaces an entire upper or lower set of teeth.  While dental bridges are anchored or fixed to existing teeth, traditional dentures replace all of the teeth and sit on top of the gums.  Prosthodontists do not consider traditional dentures a good replacement for teeth--these are a good replacement for no teeth.  Traditional dentures are a good cosmetic option, however, people can dissatisfied with their function while eating or speaking.
  • Partial:  A partial set is affixed to existing teeth, and it is removable so you can take it out as needed.  A partial set helps keep other teeth from moving and works with other teeth in chewing.
  • Immediate:  Also known as a "healing denture" or "temporary denture".  These are typically used after extractions or after the placement of implants.  This allows healing while providing the patient with some temporary teeth.
  • Snap-in:  These convenient dentures snap into place using the aid of existing teeth and dental structures.
  • Overdentures:  Overdentures are another type of denture product that sits on top of the gums and is removable.  This type also uses the support of existing teeth.
  • Upper:  These dentures are created just for the upper set of teeth.
  • Economy:  While these are the most affordable option, they have a loose fit, are not customized for your mouth, slip easily, look unnatural and should only be considered as a last resort. Ill-fitting dentures also lead to advanced bone loss and tissue trauma.  These are NOT recommended.

What Type Is The Best For You?

The best way to know what the best choice is for you is to know your options.  Consultation with a dental specialist, who is an expert at making dentures, like Dr. Joseph Zagami and Dr. James Courey, prosthodontists, is an important step.  Consultation for dentures at Specialized Dentistry of New Jersey is complimentary.  At your meeting with one of our dentists, you can discuss fixed denture options vs. removable denture options and see if you are a candidate for a fixed (implant retained) denture.  Making this decision with a professional will ensure you are making a choice that will match your needs for cosmetics and long term function.


Some patients are limited by finances.  Some denture options do not fit everyone's budgets, so it is best to consult with a denture specialist to find out what your options are.  Specialized Dentistry of New Jersey offers in-office payment plans as well as working with 3rd party lender, Lending Club, to ensure, you have access to the best denture for you.


Some denture types are easily removable, while others are permanent.  The most important thing is to have a denture custom made and fit for you! Like a new pair of shoes, dentures take a bit of wear time to feel like your own.  

Dental Requirements

This decision can only be made between you and a dentist who specialized in denture care, like Dr. Joseph Zagami in Manalapan.  If you are interested in learning more about how you can receive dentures that are the best fit for you, contact a denture specialist at Specialized Dentistry of New Jersey! 

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