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KODAK 9000 3D Digital Cone Bean Scanner at the office of Dr. James Courey in Manalapan, NJ

Monday, January 4, 2010

The office of Dr. James Courey is among the first to add the KODAK 9000, a fully digital CBCT, 3D Extra-oral imaging system to its office, revolutionizing patient treatment and perfecting the way our practice treats dental and oral health care needs. A major benefit to you, the patient, is improved care - more accurate identification and diagnosis of pathology, saving you time and money. The CBCT provides superior 3D imaging technology faster and with significantly less radiation than traditional scans.

What does this means to you as a patient:

  • High-resolution images - Dr. Courey can view your teeth more clearly
  • Less radiation - more safety
  • Improved patient care - Dr. Courey can perform a wider range of diagnoses, helping reduce multiple visits, saving you time and money
  • Having highly detailed, true-to-life 3D images helps Dr. Courey provide quicker and more accurate diagnoses, improved treatment planning and better patient care. Focused field of view means that other tissues, such as the brain and eyes, will not be unnecessarily radiated with this unit
  • Comfortable positioning - when images are taken, you stand facing your dental professional, making the shot more comfortable for you

The KODAK 9000 3D SYSTEM gives our practice the ability to take powerful3D images, while using less radiation. The unit captures high-quality pictures and allows our practice to perform a wider range of diagnoses and treatments in the office, helping reduce multiple visits and rescheduling, saving our patients time and money. Three-dimensional technology allows Dr. Courey to better visualize his patients' dentition, without having to send patients to a lab for radiology scans. Viewing an up recedented level of anatomical detail helps Dr. Coruey diagnose more accurately and treat with confidence. The capabilities of 3D imaging offer a wide range of diagnostic possibililites such as implant placement, extractions, examination of oral pathologies, root fractures, and third molar evaluations. This breakthrough technology provides unprecedented x-ray views of the oral cavity. Periapical and panoramic radiography have been augmented by the recent introduction of high-resolution cone beam computed tomography (CBCT allowing 3D assessment of third molars, tooth extraction, surgical planning, oral pathologies, fractures, and implant placement. Because the 9000 system focuses only on the area in need of diagnosis, the amount of radiation exposure is significantly reduced, delivering 20-30 times less exposure than other dental radiography systems.

This new technology will also allow us to take Panoramic radiographs for our patients who could benefit from them. Unlike other X-rays where the film is placed inside the mouth, the image is captured from outside the mouth. Some people may be familiar with the panoramic X-ray because it is most typically taken when wisdom teeth are being evaluated. The X-ray can also reveal deep cavities and gum disease and bone loss. The panoramic X-ray has many other applications, including evaluating patients with past or present TMJ or jaw joint problems; those who require full or partial removable dentures, or braces; those who are at risk or suspected of having oral cancer or other tumors of the jaw, and for those who cannot tolerate other types of films (severe gaggers).

Please visit the office of Dr. James Courey in Manalapan New Jersey to find out if you need a prescription for a CBCT scan.

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