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Get Full, Sexy Lips

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Full, sexy and luscious lips! It's something that nearly all women -  and some men - long after, some even go to the plastic surgeon to obtain them! Full lips are attractive and can make you look younger and more full of life. When lips spread wide to reveal beautiful smiles, accentuating cheek bones are the perfect accessory for an attractive and healthy image. Save your money and peace of mind, try these easy lip exercises to stimulate collagen production and get a fuller looking lips. These exercises will train your facial muscles and can actually
give you the full pouty lips you've always dreamed of - without requiring a doctor (and without making your purse lighter)!


There are ways to gain full lips if you weren't lucky enough to be born with them! For woman, lip-plumping make up is one option as well as lip augmentation (implant surgeries or injections) which artificially give sexy lips, but for some women, the results are not very natural looking - or even attractive. The first exercise works the Musculus Levator Anguli Oris (or Caninus which is located immediately under the lower medial rim of the orbital cavity (which lifts the corner of the mouth). Lift the corners of the mouth by pulling your lips in and over your teeth (almost making your lips disappear into your mouth). From this position, pull up both corners of the mouth into a pseudo-smile. Repeat this exercise ten times!


The second exercise works the Musculus Orbicularis Oris, which consists of the sinewy fibres of the corners of the mouth. These muscles start above the upper and below the lower lip, providing the basis for the structure of the lips (and also function as the opening and closing mechanism of the mouth). To exercise this muscle and help bring out fuller lips, with forceful tension, pucker your lips as if getting ready for a kiss. Repeat this exercise ten times, holding the pucker for at least one full second. You can support the exercise by tightly pressing your nostrils together. Repeat ten times!


The third and final exercise works the same muscle group (Orbicularis Oris Muscle) but the exercise is different. Press your lips tightly together, as if pursing them tightly to prevent something from parting your lips. To avoid creating wrinkles, position the tip of your middle fingers at the corners of your mouth and pull slightly to the outside.  Again, repeat ten times! By following these simple and easy "facial yoga" exercises, you will begin to develop fuller, stronger lips. Keep in mind that water intake will help maintain your lip plumpness 8 glasses of water every day is essential for your body to maintain itself and keeping your lips moisturized will help as well. These exercises stimulate collagen production in your lips and will eventually build up your smile to a beautiful one! These exercises can also help to improve muscle tone and skin elasticity!

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