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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Modern cosmetic restorations like dental implants, crowns, and bridges look and feel just like your own natural teeth. All result in improved appearance and oral health. How? Crowns preserve compromised teeth, and combined with bridges, they prevent teeth from drifting. Implants also prevent drifting and they preserve bone tissue. All three procedures are directly responsible for improved self-confidence ... which will, of course, keep you smiling!


• Crowns, bridges, and dental implants were developed to replace missing teeth and to restore badly damaged teeth with natural beauty and performance.

• A bridge is a combination of crowns and artificial teeth that closes a gap left by a missing tooth (or teeth restoring your smile and redistributing the workload.

• Placing a crown on a high-risk tooth as early preventive treatment saves time and money ... and maybe even your tooth!

• If you are in good general and oral health, you may be an excellent candidate for dental implants - no matter what your age.


• Crowns, bridges, and dental implants stand out from natural teeth, making them easily detectable.

• If a person isn't bothered by the appearance of a missing tooth, there"s no real reason for replacing it.

• You have to wait for extensive tooth damage before a crown is useful or beneficial.

• Implants are too expensive, time-consuming, and not secure.

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