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For our patients' benefit

Thursday, March 21, 2013

We work extra hard for our patients' benefit. Many of our patients arrive at our office looking for solutions to their complex dental problems. Advanced dentistry can be expensive and dental insurance, when available, is not very helpful. To assist our patients, we now can access your medical insurance benefits for some of the treatment we provide at our office. Be sure to present us with your medical insurance card and ask us if your treatment is an allowable benefit under the terms of your plan.

• Do you need a dental implant?
• Do you need a new nightguard?
• Do you take medications that give you dry mouth?
• Do you have diabetes, or other health issues?

You may be able to use your medical benefits to assist in paying for your dental needs.
• Yes, this is unique!
• Yes, we are the only dental professionals in our area who are trained do this for you.
• Yes, this is more work for our team, however, we are pleased to do this as part of the exceptional service we provide our patients.

Be sure to ask us for more details. Call us at 732-577-0555 to schedule a consultation at our Manalapan Office with Dr. James Courey or Dr. Joseph Zagami
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