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Eight Common Signs You Need New Dentures

Monday, March 29, 2021

Dentures can increase your quality of life in many ways. They give you a brighter, whiter smile and can enhance the shape of your face. They can even help you enjoy certain foods again, letting you lead a healthier and happier life. Dentures can be a real benefit, but they don't last forever. 

When do dentures need to be replaced? How do you know when you need new dentures? If you're asking yourself these questions, then you could be experiencing the following signs that it's time for a new pair of dentures. Specialized Dentistry of New Jersey (SDNJ) is here to help.

1. Loose Dentures

One of the first signs your dentures need adjustment or replacement is a loose fit. When you first get a set of dentures, they should fit your mouth so you can live your life without worrying if they're going to move or fall out. Your dentures might offer a snug fit at first. But if they're starting to feel loose, it could be time for new ones. 

How long do dentures last? It varies, but generally, they can last for several years with the proper care. However, your gums and jaw change throughout your whole life, so it's normal for your dentures to lose the snug fit they once had. This doesn't mean you're stuck with loose dentures forever, though. It's a sign that it's time to get dentures that fit once again. 

2. Damaged Dentures

One of the common signs you need new dentures is noticeable damage. If you've dropped your dentures or bitten a hard piece of food while wearing them, you may have chipped or cracked a tooth. No one wants to wear cracked dentures, so you should visit your dentist for a repair or replacement. 

While you likely won't feel the pain of the chipped tooth, you might feel pain in your mouth from its sharp edge. It could also aggravate the inside of your mouth near the tooth when you speak and eat. If you've damaged your dentures, replace them soon to get back to showing off a comfortable and confident smile. 

3. Denture Discoloration

Like natural teeth, dentures can experience discoloration. You and your dentist choose the exact color of your dentures to complement your real teeth. If this color starts to change, you may start to dislike how your dentures look in your mouth. 

Proper denture cleaning is essential to keeping your dentures looking great. But they can discolor over time, even with consistent cleaning. If you notice discoloration of your dentures, talk to the dentists at SDNJ about getting new ones to return to a color you feel great about. 

4. Constant Discomfort

Your dentures should feel comfortable in your mouth all day long. But as the years go by, the structure of your face will change. You may start to feel localized pain in your mouth when you chew, bite or speak. These pains are signs that your dentures no longer fit. If your gums start hurting, you may even start thinking about wearing your dentures less. 

Poor-fitting dentures can make wearing them a burden. You shouldn't have to be in pain to eat and smile with confidence around your friends and family. SDNJ can help you return to normalcy if wearing your dentures is feeling less comfortable than it used to. 

5. Changes in Speech

You went through a brief adjustment period learning how to speak with dentures. Dentures change the way you hear your own voice, so it can take a couple of weeks to become familiar with the experience. If you've had the same dentures for years, and you're starting to feel like your speech is changing, then you should meet with one of the dentists at SDNJ. 

As your dentures' fit changes, your speech could change along with it. This is a sign that we should adjust or replace your dentures. Reestablishing the proper fit and size in your mouth can help you feel more comfortable as you speak. We can help bring your speech back to the way you know it should be. 

6. Difficulty Chewing

One of the most important reasons you chose to get dentures was to restore regular eating habits. Dentures provide the ability to eat the foods you love, allowing you to enjoy a more diverse diet. When you first get them, eating is a lot different than it is with natural teeth. But soon enough, eating with dentures will feel like second nature. 

Over time, you may start to feel like eating has become a more difficult task. Even a slight misalignment can result in difficulty chewing during meals. Talk to one of the specialists at SDNJ if you're experiencing this. 

7. Gum Irritation and Pressure Sores

Your dentures make constant contact with your gums. Gums consist of sensitive tissues, so a proper fit is crucial when wearing dentures. A good-fitting set of dentures should feel comfortable in your mouth. But if your dentures don't have a good fit, then you may start experiencing gum irritation and pressure sores. 

These uncomfortable experiences are the results of your dentures moving and pressing against certain areas of your gums more than others. Your dentures should distribute pressure across all your gums. If some areas of your gums receive more pressure, they can become sore to the touch, making wearing your dentures an unpleasant experience. 

8. Oral Sores

Your dentures should fit in your mouth so that no area of your gums or cheeks feels uncomfortable. If your dentures start to shift, fissures in your denture's surface can start rubbing against areas of the soft tissue in your mouth. This can exacerbate canker sores and other oral sores.

If you let this continue, it can become extremely painful. Instead, talk to the denture professionals at SDNJ about getting new dentures. A better fit might help these oral sores to heal and keep them from forming. You can get back to the comfortable denture experience you once knew. 

Trust Specialized Dentistry of New Jersey With Your Denture Needs

Our goal at SDNJ is to help you achieve and experience the radiant and confidence-boosting smile you've always wanted. Top dental professionals have voted Dr. James Courey as one of the best dentists in New Jersey for over a decade, and our entire staff aims for the absolute top-tier of excellence for each of our patients.

When you need new dentures, SDNJ is your best choice. Be sure to also ask if you are a candidate for implant retained dentures.  Our team will take great care of you and return you to feeling comfortable and confident with your smile with new, great-fitting dentures. Contact us today to schedule a visit

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