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Don't Ignore Sensitive Teeth

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Over 40 million Americans suffer from dentin hypersensitivity, also known as sensitive teeth. Cold, heat, sweet, or sour tastes, air, or plaque ma cause discomfort-of even pain-when you have this condition.

If tooth sensitivity is causing you to avoid the sensitive areas when you brush or floss, or you are not eating properly because of the sensitivity, you should contact us. Failing to properly clean your teeth can lead to decay and gum disease, and plaque buildup will make your teeth even more sensitive.

One thing to try may be a toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth, called “desensitizing toothpastes.” These work by blocking the transmission of the uncomfortable sensations to the nerve from the tooth"s surface. The downside to these products is that they don't take effect until they've been used for several days.

If you're experiencing prolonged tooth sensitivity, be sure to see us for an office treatment that provides immediate relief.

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