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"Do women get more cavities than men?"

Sunday, December 13, 2009

There's no doubt about it – women are sweeter than men! Unfortunately, this tooth truth means women do indeed get more cavities than men. Now hear me out!

John Lukacs, an anthropologist at the University of Oregon recently uncovered both modern and prehistoric dental records which have revealed women have more dental health issues than men. Both sexes experienced a boost in cavities because of dietary changes associated with society becoming more agricultural.

The explanations include hormonal changes in women. The female sex hormone estrogen, which is produced in great doses during pregnancy and puberty promotes dietary changes, and may reduce secretion of saliva, which cleans your teeth. Female roles in the kitchen also increase opportunities of sampling food, leading to the possibility of an oral environment harvest bacteria. During pregnancy, not only does the body increase blood circulation to accommodate certain changes, but dilation of the blood vessels makes the body more vulnerable to bacterial invasion, including the gum and bone support your teeth. Cravings and constant nibbling also promotes an acidic oral environment, leading to tooth erosion and the further harvesting of bacterial growth (which breaks down your tooth structure).

The important message here is to be aware of timely cleaning of your mouth after meals and all nibblings to prevent cavities (it is best to clean your teeth within five minutes after food consumption).

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