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Dental Implants: A Better Way of Life

Friday, May 15, 2009

A missing tooth or teeth can affect your whole attitude toward life, deflating your self-esteem causing you to avoid social situations. Many people are embarrassed about the appearance of their mouth as a result of missing natural teeth. Others are self-conscious about speaking in public because they fear their removable bridgework will slip or make a clicking noise. Permanent tooth replacement has helped thousands of people regain their self-confidence so they can live fuller, more active lives.

Whether you have lost one tooth or many, dental implants have tremendous esthetic benefits. When you lose teeth, ongoing shrinking of the jawbone occurs, making your face look older and shrunken. Implants integrate with natural jawbone and stops this process so your jaw muscles will grow stronger and your face will maintain a more youthful, natural appearance. With your new teeth, you’ll look as good as you deserve to—your friends, family, and members of the opposite sex will notice the difference.

Enjoying biting into a cold, crisp apple or a fresh ear of corn. With permanent tooth replacement, you’ll regain the ability to eat all of the foods you enjoy. You’ll never again have to compromise nutrition by avoiding foods that have been difficult to chew. Scientific studies have shown that conventional removable bridgework provides only about 40% of the normal chewing efficiency, but with dental implants, biting and chewing are comparable to natural teeth—enabling you to comfortable enjoy your favorable foods again.

With implant tooth replacement, you will never again have to worry about overnight soaks or adhesives. Replacement teeth look, feel, and function like your own, your mouth will look and feel fresh with regular brushing and flossing.

Permanent tooth replacement can improve both your physical and emotional comfort. If you feel better physically, you’ll feel better about yourself. Because, like your natural teeth, implant replacement teeth are securely anchored into your jaw, they eliminate the gum irritation and pain associated with conventional dental restorations that rest on the gums.

Research and documented scientific studies have proven the effectiveness and long-lasting results of dental implants. You can rely on your new permanent teeth to look, feel, and function like natural teeth for yours to come.

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