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You Can Have a White and Bright Smile

Sunday, March 30, 2014
zoomThe team of Specialized Dentistry of New Jersey has always taken great pride in providing you with leading-edge technologies and procedures. It's particularly gratifying when we can personally attest to remarkable outcomes that result in happy patients who can't stop grinning. That's definitely the case with ZOOM!® in-office teeth whitening. This time-tested, proven safe and efficient method of whitening, takes only about an hour here at at our Manalapan NJ dental office, to see very dramatic changes in the color of your teeth.

Chances are you've seen ZOOM! on ABC"s Extreme Makeover, but although the results can sometimes be quite spectacular, the procedure itself is more than just hype. It can whiten teeth up to eight shades, and the results can last for years. We send everyone home with a personal touch-up kit to help maintain that just-whitened sparkle.

Where did the original shine go in the first place? Well, for most of us, staining is self-inflicted through the consumption of foods and beverages like tea, coffee, colas, red wine, dark berries, and tobacco products. Aging, some medications, and excessive fluoride may also contribute to tooth discoloration. And there's good news even for those who never had it to begin with! People who inherit darker or yellowish enamel can put their own shine in with teeth whitening.

If your smile says dull instead of dramatic, don't let it get you down. We encourage you to schedule your appointment time– ZOOM could be your best and brightest option.

Right out Dr. James Courey and Dr. Joseph Zagami are offering a Spring Special!  Zoom! in office whitening, as well as take home trays and whiting gel to maintain your bright smile at home.  Only $575!!!!!  Call today 732-577-0555.
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