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A patient testimonial by Connie Casper of Hopewell, NJ

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

As a mother of a son with autism, one of my greatest fears has always been, what if Jared is in pain from his teeth and he can't tell me? Thanks to Dr. Courey and his team, that is one fear in the world of autism that I need not face. Using his skills to give Jared the very best dental care, Dr. Courey took x-rays, filled Jared's cavities, sealed, cleaned and polished all his teeth during one office visit.

Dr. Courey examined each and every one of Jared's teeth to make sure everything was taken care of so that Jared would not have to have any more procedures done for a long time. Dr. Courey took the time to thoroughly explain to us what he was doing and answered each and every one of our questions in a pleasant, professional manner.

Our family feels no one can match the care, concern and compassion that was shown to us and especially Jared that day. A day that could have been very stressful to our family, turned out to be one of the best experiences in Jared's world of autism to date. How do we truly thank someone for that? Thanks Dr. Courey!!

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