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The Most Common Sleep Disorders and Symptoms

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The majority (62%) of American adults experience problems sleeping a few nights per week. It’s no surprise that there are over 41,000 car crash injuries and deaths attributed to falling asleep in one year — or that over 49 million young adults say they have trouble concentrating on things throughout the day due to a lack of sleep. Are sleep disorders common? Absolutely.The most common sleep disorders and their symptoms make it tough for many Americans to get the rest they need to function at wor...Read More

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Why Does My Partner Snore and How Can I Help Them Stop?

Monday, August 28, 2017

Snoring is a common bedtime nuisance in many households. However, it may have serious ramifications that could lead to strained relationships. Imagine having to put up with a snoring partner every night. This can be inconvenient to even the toughest of individuals.Nonetheless, you ought to understand that snoring is more than just a normal bedtime occurrence. It is a sign of serious underlying health issues. Helping your partner overcome his or her snoring problem is the first step towards findi...Read More

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