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How Sour Candy Affects Your Teeth

Monday, November 30, 2015

WHY ARE CERTAIN CANDIES so bad for our teeth? One reason is all that sugar, of course. We know that. Here’s something you may not think about as often… Many popular treats include the descriptors tart, tangy, and sour. It seems the more bitter, the better.Trouble is, our teeth are paying the price for this sour trend and we continue to see the damage.Acid Erodes Our TeethA pH scale shows where substances are on a spectrum from base to acidic. 14–12 is really base, and 2–0 is really acidic.A...Read More

It All Starts With A Comprehensive Exam

Monday, November 16, 2015

 At Specialized Dentistry of New Jersey (SDNJ) in Manalapan, you'll receive the most thorough dental exam possible.  Using digital x-ray technology, intra oral cameras, digital impressions, and 3D diagnostic imaging for the most detailed exam that is necessary.  Dr. James Courey and Dr. Joseph Zagami will gently check for cavities, gum disease, chipped and broken teeth, oral cancer, loose crowns, and fillings and more!  Expert Care You Can Trust. ...Read More

A Special Message to General Dentists in Manalapan

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Special Message to General Dentists in Manalapan.   Dr. James Courey understands the practice of the general practitioner intimately, as he worked as general practitioner for eight years before returning for his post-doctoral training. He understands how precious your relationships are with the patients you care for. As the referring dentist, you know your patient’s mouth v...Read More

Free Cleanings and Exams for All Veterans in November

Sunday, November 1, 2015

To honor and celebrate his service and the service of all our Veterans, we will schedule free cleanings, consultations, exams, and diagnostic x-rays for all veterans throughout the month of November.  Just call us at 732-577-0555 and let us know that you are a proud US Veteran and our team will take great care of you.Did you know that Specialized Dentistry of New Jersey was a Veteran owned and operated dental office? Our very own prosthodontist, Dr. James Courey, served the United States Na...Read More

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