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Full Mouth Restoration - Before & After Photos

Full Mouth Reconstruction Before and After

Full mouth reconstruction is often the best solution when you need extensive dental work. This procedure can revitalize the appearance of your smile and improve your oral health. 

At Specialized Dentistry of New Jersey, we provide the treatments involved in full mouth restoration. If you're a candidate for this procedure, schedule an appointmenttoday. 

  Before and After Photo of full mouth restoration
Full mouth restoration before and after
before and after teeth  

What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is a dental procedure that usually involves rebuilding and restoring a patient's full set of teeth to improve their smile's appearance and functionality. This procedure combines general and restorative dentistry to achieve the desired results. 

The reconstruction process usually involves a number of different treatments, such as dental bridges, fillings, implants, crowns and veneers. Full mouth reconstruction goes beyond taking care of teeth issues. It can also involve repairing and maintaining the gums to ensure full oral health. 

Our full mouth reconstruction services primarily focus on restoring optimal oral health and function. The combination of several treatments will result in improved biting, chewing, speech and teeth protection. The procedure can also help with restoring facial support. Depending on your specific symptoms, the success of a full mouth restoration will vary. 

When Do You Need Full Mouth Reconstruction?

There are various factors that can make you a candidate for full mouth reconstruction surgery. You might need the procedure if you have the following dental issues. 

  • Worn down teeth: Clenching or grinding your teeth causes the loss of tooth structure such as enamel, leading to tooth sensitivity and other issues. 
  • Dental disease: Diseases like gingivitis can cause your teeth to decay and fall out. Periodontal gum disease can also make you a candidate for reconstruction because it reduces the bone that supports your teeth, which can lead to tooth loss. 
  • Dental traumas: These are physical injuries to the teeth, periodontium or gums. 
  • Tooth damage: This issue is when you have multiple cracked, broken, decayed or missing teeth. 
  • Jaw pain: Jaw misalignment can cause jaw pain or headaches.  

Who Performs Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction involves multiple treatments, so it requires a skilled dentist with both restorative and cosmetic experience to perform the procedure. A periodontist might also be needed in cases where the patient has gum disease or other teeth issues. 

The full mouth reconstruction process begins with a dental specialist conducting a comprehensive examination to determine the extent of your issues and the treatment options that will work best for you. The procedure varies depending on each person's dental condition and the goals they have for their overall oral health. Once your dentist has determined a course of action, they will provide you will possible treatment plans. 

Your full mouth reconstruction surgery will be performed by Dr. James Courey, a trusted leader in full mouth restoration. Dr. Courey has extensive experience working on various dental issues and restoring healthy, confident smiles. 

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