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Dental Bridge - Before and After Photos

Dental Bridge - Before and After Photos

A dental bridge is a restorative dental solution for patients who have missing teeth. It acts as new teeth and serves as a connection between the patient’s natural teeth and the spaces where no teeth are present. Dental bridges are either made from porcelain, ceramic or gold foundations fused with porcelain and are final solutions that cannot be removed by the patient. To see how a dental bridge can restore your smile, call our office or contact us online through our easy-to-complete form!

Before & After Photo of dental bridges
Dental Bridge

Before & After Photo of dental bridge with crown
Dental Bridge with Dental Crowns

dental bridge with crown and implants
Dental Bridge with Dental Crown and Implants

bridge implant retained before and after photo
Dental Bridge-Implant Retained

implant bridge before and after photo
Implant Bridge

How Common Are Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is quite a common procedure. Patients have been getting dental bridges placed for years, and it offers a reliable process that can help any patient who may feel like they need to fill in a prominent gap in their mouth.

Benefits of a Dental Bridge

There are numerous benefits to getting a dental bridge. Some of these include:

  • Helping your bite: Losing your teeth negatively affects your bite by weakening it significantly and making it more difficult to properly puncture the surface of any food you attempt to bite. Dental bridges help you bite properly again without worrying you might hurt your gums.
  • Keeping remaining teeth in place: If you have a space in your mouth where a tooth would otherwise be, your remaining teeth will try to shift from their places to adjust to the new shape your lost tooth created. A bridge helps prevent that by filling out the space and discouraging movement.
  • Restoring chewing and speaking ability: Without certain teeth, pressure can increase in your jaw and on your remaining teeth from the stress created by trying to adjust your chewing. You may also have difficulty speaking properly, which may affect your tongue movements and self-confidence. A dental bridge alleviates these issues and restores your dental abilities so you can go back to eating your favorite foods and having conversations with those around you.
  • Restoring your smile: A lost tooth can knock your self-confidence by altering your smile into something you might not find pleasant. Getting a dental bridge to help solve that can greatly increase your confidence in your smile

    Who Performs Dental Bridges?

    Dental bridges are performed by general dentists and prosthodontists. Both kinds of dental practitioners are available at our practice. Review our list of dentists and familiarize yourself with our expert practitioners who can get you smiling again. Request an appointment with Specialized Dentistry of New Jersey to receive your dental bridge and achieve the smile of your dreams!