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Dental Bonding - Before & After Photos

Dental Bonding Before and After Pictures

Do you have chipped, cracked or discolored teeth? Dental bonding can give you the confidence to flash your smile. At Specialized Dentistry of New Jersey, we want you to know your options and which solutions suit you best for improving your oral health.

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Before & After Photo of dental bonding
Before & After Photo of dental bonding on teeth
dental bonding
dental bonding on teeth
Before & After Photo of dental bonding

What Is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding, also known as teeth bonding, is a cosmetic dentistry treatment used to enhance the appearance of your teeth. The procedure involves the use of a durable material known as composite resin. Dentists use this resin to repair the shape, color and size of your teeth, applying it to an affected area to correct dental issues such as cracked teeth and discoloration.

The dental bonding procedure offers aesthetic and functional benefits. It is also relatively inexpensive and less invasive than veneers and crowns.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Bonding?

The reasons patients might want cosmetic dental bonding vary depending on their dental issues. Here are a few advantages to getting this procedure:

Increased Tooth Protection

Dental bonding helps cover your exposed teeth and protects them from enamel loss. The composite resin used in the procedure gives your teeth an extra layer of protection against weakened enamel and cavities.

A damaged tooth stands a greater risk of getting an infection. If left untreated, infection can cause discomfort and further compromise your dental health. Dental bonding is a common treatment because it repairs teeth and eases the symptoms of past damage.

Better Appearance

Dental bonding can be used to improve your smile. If you feel self-conscious about your teeth because of damage, you can request cosmetic dental bonding to give you your desired look. This procedure will repair various imperfections without replacing your teeth or requiring more extensive work. With dental bonding, you can get the ideal tooth size, shape and color to brighten up your smile.

Stain Removal

Some dental stains are stubborn and don't respond to teeth whitening treatments. The stained tooth can be covered with composite resin to hide those hard-to-remove stains. A dentist will match the resin used in the cosmetic procedure to your teeth's natural color, which will effectively get rid of any type of discoloration.

Who Performs Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is performed by general dentists. This procedure is quick and comfortable, with minimal preparation requirements. It usually takes about an hour to complete and requires little time before you can return to your usual activities.

Learn more about the talented dental team at Specialized Dentistry of New Jersey to see who we have available for dental bonding procedures.

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