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A Special Message to General Practitioners

Dr. James Courey understands the practice of the general practitioner intimately, as he worked as general practitioner for eight years before returning for his post-doctoral training. He understands how precious your relationships are with the patients you care for. As the referring dentist, you know your patient’s mouth very well, therefore you posses key insight into your patient’s needs. Dr. James Courey wants to work with you, hand-in-hand to provide your patients with the best possible treatment outcomes.

Referring a patient to a prosthodontist’s office like Specialized Dentistry of New Jersey for the first time can start with a simple phone call to introduce your patient. You can rest assured that we will treat your patient in a manner that will reflect well on you and strengthen your relationship with your patient. We are here to make you look good!

When your patient’s care is completed in our office, they are referred back to your office for their ongoing dental care. We are grateful for you colleagueship and bottom line–you can trust with your patients!

Our Referral Process: 4 Simple Steps

1. Call or submit patient referral form

2. Our prosthodontists will contact you to learn more about the patient's case

3. You'll recieve periodic updates on how the patient & procedure are doing

4. Our team will notify you at the completion of your patients treatment plan and the patient will be sent back to your office for their ongoing dental care. We will also forward all radiographs and relevant clinical information for your records.

Why Medical Professionals Refer to Dr. Courey

Dr. Courey is a specialist in Prosthodontics with advanced training and experience in all facets of implant, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. Because of his extensive knowledge of technology, materials, and procedures – Dr. Courey works on very unusual cases every day. That’s why other dentists refer complex cases and call him The Complex Case Specialist™.

Discover the Top 5 Reasons Why Dental Professionals Refer to a Prosthodontist!

Interesting Consultations, Dilemmas, and Procedures

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