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Meet Dr. James Courey - Prosthodontist

Dr.James Courey
Prosthodontic Specialty Permit #5245

Dr. James Courey loves dentistry and believes you can never learn enough about something you love.

He is an expert in the restoration and replacement of teeth using implants, crowns, bridges, veneers and dentures. After dental school, Dr. Courey completed four years of prosthodontic training at Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Montefiore Medical Center and an additional four years of advanced implant training at NYU. “Ongoing study of a variety of medical, dental and surgical disciplines gives me a wide range of diagnostic insight and diversified approaches to tooth replacement solutions,” he says. “There are many resources, tools and technologies available to dental professionals today. Knowing how and when to utilize them is what distinguishes a good dentist from a great dentist. This is what sets us apart.”

According to the American College of Prosthodontists, “Extensive training and experience provide prosthodontists with a special understanding of the dynamics of a smile, the preservation of a healthy mouth and creation of tooth replacements.” Missing or imperfect teeth due to trauma, decay or diseases can be replaced with beautiful, long-lasting, functional teeth.

Dentist Dr. Courey

“A great team is the key to providing our patients with the best restorations available,” says Dr. Courey, who practices with fellow prosthodontist, Dr. Joseph Zagami. “Our collaboration with the finest dental specialists and labs leads to innovation in solving the most complicated dental dilemmas.”

Dr. Courey is a postgraduate instructor of implant and restorative dentistry at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. He has been voted by other dental professionals as one of the top dentists in New Jersey for over a decade! In 2011, he was invited by NJ Monthly to be a member of the newly formed, Top Dentist Advisory Board, which consisted of only the Top 15 dentists. He has remained a participant on the Advisory Board every year since its inception.

  • Dr. James Courey has completed four years of extensive prosthodontic training providing at Montefiore University in New York, following four years in dental school at the Univeristy of Iowa. This provides him with a special understanding of the dynamics of a smile, the preservation of a healthy mouth and the creation of tooth replacements.
  • Dr. Courey completed a four-year implant surgery fellowship at New York University College of Dentistry’s prestigious department of Periodontiology and Implantology. This highly advanced training makes him one of the country’s few Surgical Prosthodontists.
  • Dr. Courey receives referrals for the most complex treatments from respected Northeast dentists; who named him “Top Prosthodontist” in a survey published by New Jersey Monthly Magazine.

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