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Apprehensions About Returning To The Dentist

Monday, February 20, 2017

For one reason or another, it may have been quite a while since you have been to see a dentist for an exam and cleaning. Many people simply get busy and all of a sudden it’s been 3 years since the last time they had a teeth cleaning or they had a bad experience and vowed never to go back. Returning to the dentist at Specialized Dentistry of New Jersey is easy.Ironically, one of the top reasons people avoid going to the dentist is because they suspect there is an issue that will need to be addres...Read More

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Start 2017 with Healthy Gums and a Great Smile!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Ring in the new year with a clean bill of oral health!     If you have chronic bad breath, bleeding gums, swollen gums, unstable teeth, or receding gums, you could have peridontitis--without even knowing you have it.  Initially, you may have not noticeable symptoms!     Periodontitis, or gum disease, is a serious bacterial infection of you gums and jawbone.     Left untreated, it can lead to major health problems such as stroke, heart d...Read More

Dr. James Courey--You restored my faith in the field of dentistry

Monday, November 28, 2016

Dear Dr. Courey,I would like to thank you, and your staff for making me feel so comfortable, and spending so much time explaining the source of my pain and answering all my questions.  I was very impressed by your professional manner and you restored my faith in the field of dentistry.Thank you,Dolores S....Read More

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